school Resources

School Nurse Printable Resources

This page features tons of information for school staff on managing Type 1 diabetes in the classroom.

WARNING: Materials are meant to be used in conjunction with a training session with Diabetes Youth Services Certified Nurse Educators. DO NOT use these materials without a training for your student's specific needs. Diabetes Youth Services is not responsible for any damages due to lack of proper training.

T1D Basic Overview Information

Featuring the basic 'How To's' of T1D management; drawing and injecting insulin pens, symptoms of low and high blood sugar (with pictures), and more!

T1D School-Specific Resources

Resources most helpful for school staff. Includes handouts for teachers and staff including school trainings checklists, supply checklists for both the school and T1D parent, Tips for Teachers and more!

T1D Emergency Resources

Great to have on hand, resources include emergency glucagon instructions and how to prevent bullying in the classroom.

T1D Legal Guides

Stay on top of your T1D students legal rights by reading our Legal Protections in Ohio and Michigan as well as a Sample 504 Plan from the American Diabetes Association and Disability Right Education and Defense Fund (DREDF).

T1D Device- Specific Guides

Basic information such as dosing instructions, how to read the Dexcom meter values, Tandem Control IQ Guide, and more!

Omnipod 5 Insulin Pump

Tandem T:slim X2 Insulin Pump

Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Freestyle Libre 3 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)