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Family Resources

Diabetes Technology

Technology is an ever changing part of diabetes care. We have compiled resources from technology providers that will help parents, schools, and other caregivers use the latest tech safely. View the different diabetes tech resources HERE. 

Back to School Checklists for School & Parents

Ready to get back to school? Make sure you are prepared for T1D in the calssroom by following our back to school checklist for both the school and parent. Don’t forget to pack extra pump supplies and insulin! You can access the the check lists by CLICKING HERE.

Sample 504 plan

Diabetes Youth Services suggests every child have a 504 plan on file with their school, in addition to the diabetes care plan from your physician.  THIS GUIDE, designed by the ADA, can help you put together a good 504 plan for your child.  If you have questions about what should be part of your 504, please ask your health care provider or other expert.

Smart Sitters Guide

The Smart Sitters Guide can help you prepare sitters or other caregivers for tasks they may need to do and situations that may arise while they take care of your child with T1D. THIS GUIDE, covers basic information about T1D, current tools to manage diabetes, along with plenty of practical advice and tips for parents and sitters. It is not intended to serve as a complete guide to managing T1D in children and young adolescents. Developed with support from Omnipod.

Printable: My Diabetes Plan

T1D Everyday Magic created a printable Diabetes Plan that you can fill out with your child. Hang the form where you can always see it. Make copies so every member of your family can keep one in their backpack, wallet, purse, or car. It is also a good idea to give a copy to teachers and coaches. Click HERE to print the form. 

Birthday and Classroom Parties

Classroom and birthday parties are full of excitement, fun, and of course SWEETS! Birthday parties and classroom parties just involve more of the same good planning you’re already doing, plus a few creative ideas. T1 EVERYDAY MAGIC and BEYOND TYPE 1 wrote articles on how to survive the school and home birthday parties so your T1D can have the best time with their friends and family.

Bright Horizons Advocacy

Bright Horizons is a proud partner of DYS. If you have a problem with school, athletics, childcare or any other similar entity working with you and your child’s diabetes, this organization can help you out.  They are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 and offer their services on a sliding scale based on your personal financial situation. Call Jennifer or Victoria for more information at 419-441-1011 or CLICK THIS LINK to view their website. 

Need Supplies?

People living with Type 1 diabetes must take insulin by injection or infusion every day. Insulin is life support – we all need it to stay alive, as much as we need oxygen, water, and food to eat. If you are in emergency need of insulin right now, always go to the emergency room. If you are struggling to afford the monthly cost of insulin CLICK THIS LINK and visit Beyond Type 1 to view resources you can use not only for insulin but other diabetes supplies, insurance coverage, and information on exploring tools and actions you can take to get involved with access advocacy. 

School Nurse Resources

DYS offers school nurse training for nurses and teachers unfamiliar with type 1 diabetes. Please call our office to set up an appointment (in person or via Zoom) with a diabetes educated nurse. This service comes at no charge to you or the family living with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Management Log

Click HERE for a PDF copy of our diabetes management log, which gives teachers a place to record a students blood sugar level, any carbohydrate intake, and amount of insulin dosed.

School Staff Quick Reference

Click HERE for a PDF sheet for type 1 diabetes quick refrence. This document highlights what type 1 diabetes is, symptoyms of high and low blood sugar, and much more!

Substitute Teacher Document

Click HERE for a PDF document for substitute teachers. This document will give teachers a place to give information regarding someone with type 1 in the classroom, as well as symptoyms to look out for in the event of high or low blood suagr and who they should contact at the school in case of emergency.

Coach Resources

DYS offers coach training for coaches unfamiliar with type 1 diabetes. Please call our office to set up an appointment (in person or via Zoom) with a diabetes educated nurse. This service comes at no charge to the school or family living with type 1 diabetes.

Athlete Management Plan

Click HERE for a PDF document of our athlete management plan.

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