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School Services

Custom training for staff and students

Staff Training

Our team of trained educators can visit your school and train the entire staff about type 1 diabetes management. Our on-site training, covers topics such as basic diabetes care, nutritional concerns, and handling emergencies. We encourage all school staff to be involved in the training. Consider including playground monitors, food service personnel, bus drivers, and classrooms aides. Our trained RN’s and Certified Diabetes Educators will work with you to find an appropriate time that works for you and the school staff. These sessions are free of charge.

Classroom Presentations

We offer age-specific classroom presentations for children with type 1 diabetes.  These interactive, entertaining, and educational presentations help to make the classmates of the child with type 1 more comfortable with the disease.  Children are curious about diabetes and it is often difficult for a teacher to explain.  Our staff help make the students more aware and educated about diabetes.  This understanding fosters respect, empathy and open communication.  This makes the classroom more comfortable for everyone.

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