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Middle and Big Shots Camp Connection – your time to hang out with DYS camp friends, counselors, and nurses! Camp Connection brings all the excitement of camp right to your home computer. Campers will reconnect with old camp friends while making new friends who also live with type 1 diabetes, connect with T1D mentors, and just simply have a blast. Camp Connection is free of charge and is designed to keep our DYS campers connected and engaged in fun programming with their friends living with T1D. Right before camp, campers will receive a camp box full of surprises then participate in a variety of fun activities led by some of their favorite counselors, nurses, and dietitians. Middle Shots Camp is June 21-23 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm and Big Shots Camp is June 24-26 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Register for MIDDLE Shots (grades 3-7) or BIG Shots (grades 8-12 but under age 18) today!

Middle Shots Camp

What is Middle Shots?

Middle Shots Camp is a a great introduction to resident camp.  We pack all the fun of resident camp into an action-packed two (2) night experience.  Designed for campers 4-7 grade, the activities provide a unique experience that they can only get at diabetes camp.  They will meet other kids who manage the same daily challenges of type 1 diabetes and have a blast doing it. Examples of activities include:

  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Crafts
  • Dance 
  • 50 ft Tree Climb

Our staff is comprised of nurse practitioners, nurses, CDE’s, young adult counselors, a registered dietitian, and mental health support staff. Most of our staff manage diabetes or treat patients with diabetes every day.  They are highly qualified and are great mentors to our campers.  Ordinary interactions become diabetes teaching moments — we don’t need a classroom!

Included in the schedule for the week is diabetes education.  But the education is still fun.  We use activities, such as The Amazing Race and open panel discussions, to teach diabetes skills.  We combined fun games and group discussions to make sure that the campers leave camp with extra tools to manage their disease.  

We strive to make sure that every kid is having fun and learning at camp.  We are proud that 100% of our camper parents would recommend camp to another family.  If you have questions or concerns about Middle Shots Camp, please contact Morgan at 419-291-1234.

A typical camp day looks like this:

8:30 am – Breakfast/Dosing
9:30 am – Creeking
10:45 am – Canoeing
12:15 am – Free Time
12:30 pm – Lunch/Dosing
1:30 pm – Craft
2:45 pm – Team Sports/Snack
3:45 pm – Swimming
5:30 pm – Change/Cabin Time
6:00 pm – Dinner/Dosing
7:00 pm – Playground/Free Play
8:00 pm – Diabetes Panel
9:00 pm – Dance/Snack
10:00 pm – Cabin Time
11:00 pm – Lights out

Family Camp Fee: $299

A variety of financial aid options are available.  See our Financial Assistance page for payment plans and scholarship information.

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