Little Shots FAQs

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Our Ohio day camp session is held at Olander Park in Sylvania, OH. Our brand new Michigan day camp is held at ProMedica Farms in Tecumseh, MI

If you are not local to Toledo, Ronald McDonald House partners with our Little Shots families to house not just your camper, but your entire family for the whole week of camp. This is based on availability of extra rooms at the time of camp.

The majority of the DYS camp staff either live with type 1 diabetes or have a family member who lives with type 1. DYS has taken the time and effort to select only the most experienced people as camp staff. Many of the DYS camp staff were campers once themselves and chose to come back and volunteer their time as counselors.

Our medical staff is comprised of endocrinology nurse practitioners, certified diabetes educators, and nurses who are all knowledgeable in the care and treatment of type 1 diabetes. Please refer to the Camp Manual for specifics on how our medical staff monitors each child’s diabetes.

No, DYS camp uses the truddy system. This means that wherever they go there will be at least 2 other individuals including one adult with them at all times.

All medical and dietary staff are made aware of dietary restrictions and/or allergies before camp begins.

They practice carb counting, reading labels, and learning how to give their own shots and blood sugar checks. They experience organized, fun, learning activities (like games and crafts), but they also are constantly learning from counselors who manage diabetes themselves and a team of medical staff helping them navigate the ups and downs of diabetes throughout the day.

DYS determined camp prices based off venue cost, staffing, food and activity supplies. We have slightly adjusted our prices in 2023 to reflect rising costs. However, DYS is committed to never turning a camper away for financial reasons and scholarship opportunities will be available to all campers. 

Please see our Camp Financial Support page for all information regarding scholarships.

No. Please only attend the camp in which is geographically closer to your camper.

We are following the CDC recommendations for all camp sessions. We will cover this in more detail two weeks prior to camp at Parent Orientation.

If DYS cancels a program, camp, or event, DYS will refund in whole your deposit/payment. However, if a program, camp, or event is cancelled due to an Act of God or other event outside of DYS ’control, DYS may reschedule the event at a reasonable time and place, and with reasonable advanced notice to the participant. If a program, camp, or event participant cancels their participation, DYS will refund the payees deposit/payment, minus any expenses incurred by DYS in connection with the Participant.

Campers are not permitted use of the camp phone or cell phones. Please, do not tell your camper they can call home. This only confirms with your camper that they can go home if homesick. If needed, email DYS at [email protected] or call the DYS office (419-291-1234). If there is an emergency, you may call 419.479.8791

For this year, we will waitlist any non-diabetic campers until July 1st. If there are any remaining spots after that, we will move the sibling or friend’s status over to registered to secure their spot. This is because we want to give priority to the community we serve first and foremost.


The other thing to note for non-T1D campers is no scholarship opportunities though DYS will be available, so her friend’s guardians will be responsible for the full registration cost. The reason here is we are gifted grant money to provide our scholarships from organizations relating to diabetes, with the understanding the money will be used for our T1D campers and need to report back accordingly on a yearly basis.


Some exceptions can be made to this policy, please contact the DYS office with any questions.

Yes. Please see our CGM policy for information regarding usage.