Family Retreat

2024 Dates TBD - Registration Opens Fall 2023

What is DYS Family Retreat?

Diabetes Youth Services began the Family Retreat in Winter of 2002 as a place for families to kick back, relax, and connect with other families facing daily struggles with diabetes. More than 10 years later, we are so excited to bring this program back filled with exciting games, interactive teamwork challenges, and so much more. Our goal for the Family Retreat is to strengthen family ties relating to diabetes and know there are a network of other families for support.

Why bring Family Retreat back?

According to a January 2022 study by the CDC, there has been a significant increase in the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes (T1D) since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The community need is a great as ever for families living with diabetes to realize they are not alone and bring awareness to support systems to help along the way. We are excited to have teamed up with medical professionals and licensed social workers to create a jam-packed schedule for the whole family to enjoy!

Family Retreat Sample Schedule:


11:00a-12:00p: Arrive/Check In

12:00-1:00p: Lunch/Welcome

1:15-2:45p: Opening Icebreaker

2:45-4:00p- Breakout Sessions (Parents/Siblings/Grandparents/etc.)

4:00-4:30p- Break/Snack

5:30-6:15p- Outdoor activity (weather permitting)

6:45-7:30p- Dinner

7:45-9:15p- Movie night

9:15-11p- Free Time

11:00p-Lights Out!


8:30-9:15a- Wake Up/Pack

9:30-10:30a- Breakfast

10:30-11:30a- Breakout Sessions (Family Unit)

11:45-12:15p- Closing Ceremony/Group Picture

12:30-1:00p- Load Car/Depart


Family Retreat Fee: $50/person

Ages 4 and under: Free

Diabetes Youth Services has partnered with the Northwest Ohio Diabetic Childrens Fund to provide scholarships for this event. Attendees must be present to receive a scholarship. When completing registration, please complete the Family Retreat Scholarship and Payment Plan Form to apply for full and partial scholarships. 


Questions about scholarships and payment plans? Contact [email protected] or call 419.291.1234 for more information.

Want to participate as Retreat Staff?

All applicants must be at least 18 years old to be on staff. Please email [email protected] if interested. Thank you!

Pictures from Past Family Retreats

Here was the game that we played at the last Family Retreat - "Pass the Story"

To play Pass the Story, the first player writes down the first line of a story and folds that part of the paper horizontally. They then have to write only a couple of words in the second line and pass it on to the next player. All the subsequent players have to guess the previous line, complete the incomplete next line, and then add a couple of words in the new line before passing it on to the next player with the previous sentences folded and covered. Once everyone is done adding their creativity to the paper, unfold the paper to get the final story. This was our story:

Not long ago, deep within these woods, a family lived in the Jackson Mansion.

But randomly disappeared in the shades of

the list was angry that day,

then when the sun went down

it became a monkey that flew high above the

clouds went and go/up and go

the goldled man you look out and

look to the future and the beautiful dogs.

The people were all so excited the mayor was

better and had decreed all grilled cheese sandwiches were

free again. “Grilled cheese for all!” they exclaimed!

The suddenly, one day they wanted to swim then

they decided it was time to go.

They pulled on their heavy boots,

put on their hat, and the balloon

inside the hat will pop its head off!

He went to the park

for a wonderful time of your life, be patient.

With love you can accomplish

many things including hugs, acts

of kindness and even making a

difference with others. You cannot

buy love but you can love others

with your actions. From walking a

neighbor dog ate my shorts.

One day I was walking down the street.

I decided that I would not be afraid

of the dark ever again.

The End!