Family Retreat FAQs

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TBD for 2024 Family Retreat

Registration fees include overnight accommodation, 3 meals, snacks, all activity supplies, and a take home goody bag with a Family Retreat shirt for each participant. 


Registration does NOT include: Diabetes supplies, toiletries, air mattresses, and transportation costs. DYS works hard to ensure all participants at our programs have everything they need to enjoy themselves. If you are in need of additional items you cannot afford, please call 419.291.1238.

Activities include games, crafts, interactive diabetes education, and sessions on mental health and stress reduction techniques relating to type 1 diabetes management. Our schedule is packed with activities but also gives participants the opportunity to connect with each other during downtimes. Visit our main Family Retreat page for a sample schedule outlining events.

Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center is easily able to accommodate up to 100 guests overnight. However, most rooms have either a single or double bed in each room. We are asking families with kids 12 years or younger to bring an air mattress so children can stay in the same room as their parents/guardians overnight.

DYS has taken the time and effort to select only the most experienced people as staff for our programs. Staff for Family Retreat include full time DYS Staff, professionals in both the physical and mental health professions, and young and excited counselor-aged youth to provide programming for the younger audience. All staff present have undergone background and drug screenings to be a part of Family Retreat.


Interested in helping at Family Retreat? Please contact Director of Program Development Cindy Presser at [email protected] or call 419.291.1238.

All staff are made aware of dietary restrictions and/or allergies before camp begins. Please make sure to fill out the Medical and Dietary Information Form when registering for Family Retreat.

Please complete the Scholarship and Payment Plan Form when registering for Family Retreat. All attendees must be present to receive a scholarship. All scholarships for the 2023 Family Retreat have been generously provided by the Northwest Ohio Diabetic Children’s Fund.

Diabetes Youth Services follows current CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. We are not currently requiring masks or proof of vaccination for participants, but DYS does highly encourage a facial covering when not able to stay socially distanced indoors. DYS will contact you prior to the Family Retreat if any COVID-19 updates require a chance in policy.

If DYS cancels a program, camp, or event, DYS will refund in whole your deposit/payment. However, if a program, camp, or event is cancelled due to an Act of God or other event outside of DYS ’control, DYS may reschedule the event at a reasonable time and place, and with reasonable advanced notice to the participant. If a program, camp, or event participant cancels their participation, DYS will refund the payees deposit/payment, minus any expenses incurred by DYS in connection with the participant.


If a participant(s) fail to attend a the program, they may be responsible for a portion of fees, up to $50. If a participant(s) cancels their registration less than 2 weeks before the program, they may be responsible for a portion of fees, up to $25. This does not include unusual circumstances preventing participant(s) from attending (illness, serious injury, death of a family member, etc.). The Director must be directly notified within 24 hours of program if the participant(s) cannot attend.  If any participant(s) is receiving a full or partial scholarship and cancels their registration 14 days or less prior to the program, they are responsible for a portion of their fees, up to $25. If a participant(s) does not attend the program with no warning (a.k.a. No Call No Show), they can be responsible for a portion of their fees, up to $50. The Director must be directly notified at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the program.