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DYS Family Connect

What is Family Connect?

Family Connect is a program intended to provide newly diagnosed families living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) support from a seasoned DYS family who lives in their Zip code/neighborhood. Through family connections we want to help the newly diagnosed family realize they are not alone and have someone to lean on and learn from. Below are some FAQs regarding the program:

Q: What will be expected of me as a mentor family? A: As little or as much as you have time for! As a mentor family, we want you to share your knowledge and experience in living in a type 1 household. Additionally, we hope that you will engage in fun bonding activities specific to your neighborhood, like meeting at the park! We also would like you to make sure they know about upcoming DYS programs, events and camps.

Q: How do I participate if I’m a newly diagnosed family?  A: Reach out to our Program Director Cindy Presser at [email protected] or 419.291.1238.

Q: How will you match a new family to me? A: Using the address you provide us we will match any new DYS families to you based on zip code.

Q: How do I provide my new family what they need? A: All the resources you will need will be in a welcome and resource packet.

Q: What do I get out of the program? A: Our goal for the program is to serve as the bridge connecting seasoned DYS families to new, onboarding families. Through this connection, we hope you will make new friends as well as enjoy sharing your T1D experience and knowledge.

Q: Is there a time commitment? A: There will be an optional monthly Zoom meet up for Family Connect participants, but we expect families to plan activities at their own leisure.

Q: Can I host more than one family? A: Unless there is a shortage of mentor families, we ask that you only mentor one family at this time.

Q: Can I host a family I know but who is not in my zip code? A: Of course, but we are going to first look for families who live near each other.

Q: What COVID-19 precautions are you taking to ensure this program is safe? A: DYS is following COVID-19 safety protocols. DYS has started hosting events at venues with COVID-19 protocols, but these events are optional. We encourage all activities between families to be outside, socially distanced, and masked.

Q: Do I have any medical liability as a host family? A: You are not being asked to replace their endocrinologist, nurse practitioner or nurse educator. You are there to support them emotionally and give them tips on what has worked for your family. Please see the waiver provided in your resource packet for more information.

Q: Are there things I need to do to ensure I stay in the program? A: Our only requirement is that you show engagement with your newly diagnosed family!

Q: How can we be the best Mentor family that we can be? B: By participating in DYS hosted events, sharing resources, knowledge, and experience with your newly diagnosed family, and by hosting activities you will make a great mentor family. As well as providing DYS with feedback on how we can strengthen the program.

Q: Is there a cost to the program? A: No, we are grateful for your willingness to help another family. DYS Family Connect is cost-free.

Q: This sounds awesome! How do I sign up? A: Please email [email protected] and indicate you are interested in joining the program, include your full address and phone number. If you have any additional questions not covered within these FAQs, please don’t hesitate to send us an email!

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