DYS Program Terms & Conditions

In consideration of Diabetes Youth Services (‘DYS’) permitting myself and/or my child(ren) to participate at Diabetes Youth Services family programs, and acknowledging that participating have inherent risks, on behalf of my child(ren), or heirs, executors, administrators and assigns of my child(ren), I hereby waive, discharge, and release any and all rights to claims for damages, losses or expenses which may exist against Diabetes Youth Services, or any other camp facility and their management, as well as any other person connected with Diabetes Youth Services family programs or as a result thereof. DYS is not responsible for any damage to and will not replace any lost or damaged items while participating in a DYS family program, such as pumps, continuous glucose monitors (CGM’s), mobile devices, clothing, etc. I acknowledge that while any facility DYS chooses to host a program or event at may have COVID-19 protocols in place, and while DYS staff and volunteers also will be asked to follow COVID-19 protocols as deemed necessary, DYS cannot guarantee that myself and/or my child(ren) will not contract COVID-19 while participating at a DYS program or event. I further acknowledge while DYS will make reasonable effort to provide dietary options for attendees with specialized or restricted diets, we cannot guarantee to provide dietary options for everyone. Attendees are encouraged to reach out to DYS Staff prior to any event or program at least 72 hours prior to the event notifying them of any allergies, special diets, etc.

By registering for a Diabetes Youth Serivces ‘DYS’ Program or Event, you are giving DYS permission to add or update your family’s information in the general mailing database. This information will never be shared with the public without your permission. You give DYS permission to use you/your child(ren)’s picture, and if desired, you/your child’s name in advertising and in all forms of publicity, without limit as to time. You, for yourself and/or on behalf of your child(ren) further release DYS from liability for what your child(ren) and/or you might deem misrepresentation of me by virtue of alterations, optical illusions or faulty mechanical reproductions in such advertising and or publicity. If you would not like you/ your child(ren)’s photo publicly shared, you must notify DYS Staff in a written statement at least 72 hours prior to the event. 

If a program or event hosted by DYS is age-specific or meant for a particular group, such as Mother’s Retreats, DYS reserves the right to verify eligibility of the attendee(s) prior to the event, and will notify and fully refund any purchases with no prior warning. In certain circumstances, we may ask for a referral from you and/or your child(ren)’s diabetes provider confirming eligibility. If DYS cancels a program or event, your purchase will be refunded in full. However, if you are not able to attend an event, DYS Staff will determine if a refund is warranted on a case-by case basis. DYS will not refund any additional donations you choose to donate when registering for a program or event.