Donate Stock!

Why Donate Stock?

Do you own stock that has increased in value since the time of purchase? Donating appreciated stock or mutual fund shares allows you to receive charitable donation credit for tax purposes for the full market value and avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value at the same time.  DYS will receive the full market value of the shares donated.

Meet your giving goals, enjoy potential tax benefits, and contribute to the change you want to see. That’s a triple-win!

How Do I Donate Stock Shares to DYS?

How Do I Donate Stock Shares to Charity?

Securities can be gifted to Diabetes Youth Services by electronic transfer, in which your broker transfers shares using the Diabetes Youth Services’ DTC number. You must contact your broker to begin this process. The information you need to make a stock donation through your broker is included below.


Key Investment Services
DTC 0443
Diabetes Youth Services Account Number: HR7-130787


To learn more about stock donation, or to advise DYS of a donation in progress, please contact Kathy Lathrop, DYS Development Officer, at 419-291-1237 or [email protected].