Connection is Key

Connection is Key

Here at Diabetes Youth Services, we strive to connect families living with type 1 diabetes to other families going through the same challenges they are facing. Families with a child who manage type 1 diabetes often feel isolated and alone. We offer a variety of programs for the entire family where they can meet other families living with type 1 diabetes. Those connections made can turn into vital resource links and more importantly lifelong friendships. Hear fellow type 1 moms, Maro and Sarah, talk about how their daughters living with type 1 diabetes, Molly and Tayla, have created a bond like no other and how they truly found their support through DYS services.

We met Sarah and her family shortly after Molly was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and connected for the first time at the DYS Great Wolf Lodge event. Talya was diagnosed about 6 months before Molly and I have always looked to Sarah for guidance. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her those first few weeks.Molly and Talya have always gotten along well and have been able to spend time together at DYS family events and Little Shots! Knowing Talya was going to be there made Molly’s first camp less scary and more fun.We have continued to stay in touch and spend time together and even now, three plus years later, I still can count on Sarah for support and to understand the unique perspective of a parent of a child living with type 1. Molly feels the same way about Talya and recently told me how nice it is to have a friend with type I will always be grateful to have met Sarah and Talya and to DYS for providing opportunities for people like us to connect.

-Maro McElheney

Hello from the Tokmak family! Our daughter was diagnosed with Type1 a little over four years ago. During that overwhelming and scary time, we really looked to DYS to help connect with other families.Through DYS and their awesome events, we were able to meet the McElheney family. It has been so nice to have another family that understands the challenges that come with Type 1. Not only do our girls love getting together, the adults do, too! Our time and conversations together have been priceless. We have been so blessed to have found such wonderful friends and a great, caring organization. Thank you, DYS!!

-Sarah Tokmak

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