Middle Shots Camp

Middle Shots 2024 Dates: June 17-20, 2024

Designed for campers ages 10-13

What is Middle Shots?

Middle Shots Camp is a great introduction to resident (overnight) camp. We pack all the fun of resident camp into an action-packed weekend experience. Designed for campers aged 10-13, the activities provide a unique experience that they can only get at diabetes camp. They will meet other kids who manage the same daily challenges of T1D and have fun while doing it. This is oftentimes a child's first time away from home and sometimes their first time meeting someone else with T1D. Middle Shots Resident Camp provides an inclusive community for campers to have fun while parents relax knowing their child is surrounded by professionals. Plus, each year brings a new theme and different activities for everyone!

About Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of medical professionals in the endocrinology field. Nurses, pharmacists, Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), registered dieticians, and nurse practitioners all come together to make camp a success. We have people living with Type 1 diabetes on our medical staff, and nearly all our young adult counselors live with T1D themselves and are role models for proper diabetes management at camp. Several members of our staff were campers themselves, and over time created strong connections that last past camp!

Programming at Middle Shots

We pack each day with activities relating to each year's theme that are age-appropriate and fun for everyone, such as canoeing, group activities, archery, crafts, and more. Diabetes Education is integrated into traditional activities so campers are learning without even realizing it. Mixed with our experienced staff and medical professionals, ordinary moments become teachable diabetes lessons - we don’t need a classroom!

A typical camp day looks like this:

8:30AM – Breakfast/Dosing
9:30AM – Archery
10:45AM – Canoeing
12:15PM – Free Time
12:30PM – Lunch/Dosing
1:30PM – Craft
2:45PM – Team Sports/Snack
3:45PM – Swimming!
5:30PM – Change/Cabin Time
6:00PM – Dinner/Dosing
7:00PM – Playground/Free Play
8:00PM – Live Diabetes Panel
9:00PM – Carnival!
10:00PM – Cabin Time
11:00PM – Lights out!

Middle Shots Accessibility

Diabetes Youth Services works hard to ensure every child living with diabetes has the opportunity to attend camp. Thanks to our donors, we are able to reserve charter buses to transport campers from Toledo, Ohio to camp and back. This service comes at no extra charge to our families and saves about 4 hours of driving. We understand securing camp supplies can be expensive, so we offer a Duffel Bag voucher with camp essentials to families who need it. Simply submit a referral note from your child’s doctor and we will take it from there!

Middle Shots Camp Fee: $450 | Registration Fee: $10

In 2023:
Campers improved their attitude towards their diabetes 87%
Campers were able to identify new tools related to diabetes management 77%
Campers talked about meaningful camp experiences 100%
Campers showed improvement in their diabetes care and attitude towards diabetes 79%
Parents would recommend DYS camp to other families 99%
Parents felt that camp fulfilled their expectations 99%

Meet your 2024 Middle Shots Camp Staff!

Pictures from Middle Shots Camp 2023: Through the Decades