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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions for our Hot Shots Camps. Still have a question that needs answering? Call the DYS office at 419.291.1234 or email info@dys4kids.org. See you at camp!

Where is Residential Camp?

Resident camp is located at Recreation Unlimited in Ashley, Ohio. View their website by clicking here.

How will my child get to camp?

There are 2 main ways to transport your camper to Recreation Unlimited; by bus or a family member can drive them down. If they choose to take the bus, they must arrive at the DYS office on time for check in, as the bus leaves on schedule. Bus transportation is available in Toledo at the Diabetes Youth Services office. This year we are asking if families have the ability to drop their camper off directly at RU. We understand not everyone has the luxury to do so, and are working on ways to efficiently manage transportation. When registering your camper, please indicate in the transportation section whether or not you completely rely on DYS-provided transportation to get your child to camp.

Who are the counselors?

The majority of the DYS camp staff are either live with type 1 diabetes or have a family member who lives with type 1. Many of the DYS camp staff were campers once themselves and chose to come back and volunteer their time as counselors. All counselors must pass a background check and drug screening before they are a counselor, DYS has taken the time and effort to select only the most experienced people as camp staff.

Is there medical staff at camp? How will they be monitoring my child’s diabetes?

Our medical staff is comprised of endocrinology nurse practitioners, certified diabetes educators, and nurses who are all knowledgeable in the care and treatment of type 1 diabetes. Please refer to the Camp Manual for specifics on how our medical staff monitors each child’s diabetes.

Will my camper ever be alone?

No, DYS camp uses the truddy system, meaning they will always be with at least 2 other people. If your camper has to do back to their cabin, for example, they will be joined by both a counselor and another camper so that no two individuals are ever alone.

What is the food like?

Meals will be served in the Dining Hall, cafeteria style. Campers will be choosing what they want to eat prior to mealtime. Campers will be responsible for calculating the amount of carbohydrates they will eat at each meal. The calculations will be verified by medical personnel before insulin coverage is given. Campers will be encouraged to try new foods and eat balanced meals. We also provide snacks throughout the day and have extras if needed to treat a high or low.

How are food allergies handled?

All medical and dietary staff are made aware of dietary restrictions and/or allergies before camp begins. While Recreation Unlimited is not a nut free camp, we have no nuts in our menu and are careful to not expose any allergens to campers (nuts, gluten, etc).

Where will my child sleep? And is there an adult in their lodging building?

All campers sleep in cabin on RU’s site divided by gender. Each cabin is staffed with counselors and nurses who are trained to help any campers experiencing a low/high blood sugar during the night.

What activities do they participate in at camp?

Some examples of activities your camper will participate in at camp are canoeing, crafts, swimming, a talent show, and of course dietary/diabetes education.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Please see our Camp Financial Support page all information regarding scholarships.

 We do not have camp supplies. Can you provide these to my camper?

Please contact Cindy, our Camp Director at 419-291-1238 or cindy@dys4kids.org for more information regarding camping supplies.

What is your cancellation policy?

If DYS cancels a program, camp, or event, DYS will refund in whole your deposit/payment.  However, if a program, camp, or event is cancelled due to an Act of God or other event outside of DYS’ control, DYS may reschedule the event at a reasonable time and place, and with reasonable advanced notice to the participant.  If a program, camp, or event participant cancels their participation, DYS will refund the payees deposit/payment, minus any expenses incurred by DYS in connection with the participant.

If your camper becomes exposed to/tests positive for COVID-19, you will also get a full refund for camp. Please contact the DYS office promptly if this occurs, as we do have campers on the waitlist for both resident camps.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

We are following RU’s protocol in regards to COVID-19, which can be found here. DYS is doing everything we can to ensure camp is a safe and healthy space for everyone, and are paying close attention to CDC and WHO reccomendations regarding best practice methods. At camp, we are asking all campers and staff to follow social distancing, sanitization, and masking guidelines, regardless of vaccination status. Parent Orientation before camp will offer the most up to date information regarding RU’s COVID Policy, and we will update you with any major changes as camp gets closer. DYS and RU staff have been in close communication to ensure this years camp is as safe as possible while being as normal as possible.

Does my camper need to be tested/vaccinated before attending camp?

Because of the validity of current COVID-19 tests, we are not requiring testing to attend camp at this time. Furthermore, because the FDA has approved all current vaccines for emergency distribution and do not have an offical FDA approval, we cannot leagally require anyone attending camp to be vaccinated. Currently, nearly all of our counselors and staff will be vaccinated before camp.

Am I able to communicate with my child at camp?

Campers are not permitted use of the camp phone or cell phones. Please, do not tell your camper they can call home. This only confirms with your camper that they can go home if homesick. If needed, email DYS at info@dys4kids.org or call the DYS office (419-291-1234), before noon each day of camp and leave a message requesting that the staff be contacted to see how your camper is doing. DYS staff will then contact you after 4:00pm at the number you indicate and let you know how your child is doing. Please know if there is an issue or concern, the DYS Camp Staff will contact you. If there is an emergency, you may call the executive director at 484-802-2784. You can also give camp staff mail to deliver to your camper each day they are at camp, as most letters sent through the mail will not arrive in time.

Will my camper be allowed to wear pumps and Dexcon devices while at camp?

Please see our CGM policy for information regarding pump usage.

Day Camp

Where is day camp?

Our Ohio day camp takes place at Olander Park, address is 6930 Sylvania Ave (Sylvania, OH), and our Michigan day camp takes palce at ProMedica Farms, address is 1201 Shepard Rd. (Tecumseh, MI).

How will my child get to camp?

If you are not local to Toledo, Ronald McDonald House partners with our Little Shots families to house not just your camper, but your entire family for the whole week of camp (limit 2 adults/group). This is based on availability of extra rooms at the time of camp, but comes at no cost to you. For any questions please reach out to our camp director, Cindy at 419.291.1238 or cindy@dys4kids.org.

Can my child go to both the camp in Sylvania and Tecumseh?

In order to let as many campers as possible into our program, please only attend the camp in which is geographically closer to your camper.





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