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Fishing at Middle Shots Camp

My name is Madelynn Whitman and I have been a registered nurse for 10 years. My professional background is in school nursing and occupational health and wellness. My first year as a school nurse, parents of a newly diagnosed type 1 student asked DYS to come and train the staff. At that meeting, the nurse educator told me about DYS’s camp and asked if I would like to be a camp nurse.

I was an excited but nervous first time camper! My nerves quickly subsided when I saw how wonderfully the camp was put together. I was so blessed to work with DYS veteran nurses Patty, Kathy, and Robin who taught me so much! I got to witness kids who have diabetes get to be kids at a summer camp in a safe well trained environment. Being diagnosed with type one is life changing and complicated. It was wonderful to see kids meet other kids who are just like them.  Many of these kids have never been away from their parents because of their diabetes. One of my favorite things about DYS is that every kid with T1D gets a chance to go to camp regardless of family’s income.

After camp this year, DYS approached me about helping start a local chapter in the Findlay area.  From my work in the schools, I know how much that the programs would help the kids in our area.  I am so excited to be the new Program Coordinator for Hancock and Surrounding Counties.  There is so much excitement from the community, the families, and DYS.  I know that our chapter will be a great success and I am looking forward to all the fun experiences we can bring locally.

Madelynn and her Findlay friends at cam

There is great momentum in Findlay.  I can’t wait to see all of the great things our chapter can do for Findlay families.

I am so happy that it is not just about camp for me anymore.  However, I am already looking forward to my 4th year of DYS camp.  Its really more of a vacation than work!!

Are you interested in events in Hancock County or the surrounding area?  Make sure to check out the event listing on the website.  We are planning new, exciting things all the time.  Everyone with a type 1 child is welcome to attend our events.  You don’t have to live in Hancock County to come!  Click HERE to check out the events near you.

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