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I have been attending the mom’s retreats at Diabetes Youth Services for the past 3 years.  I look forward to getting together with the friends that I’ve made and meeting new friends as well.  Not only is it a great support group for moms but it is also a time to relax and take a break from the worry of diabetes.

I can still remember my first mom’s retreat – only 2 months after my son’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.  I was so nervous and my emotions still so raw.  I didn’t know anyone attending but knew it would be good to be a part of a support group.  I remember after introducing myself and the silence in the room after hearing how new my situation was.   Everyone was so nice and welcoming; they made a point to say hello and ask how everything was going.  The group of moms attending had children of varying ages – all with the diagnosis of T1D which began at different years of life.  At the time, my son, Steven, was on shots and I was dealing with how much insulin to give when in between unit amounts.  Now, Steven is a teenager using an insulin pump and dealing with diabetes is different.  Everyone who attends has dealt with different issues, problems, and stages of life.  When I left that day, I felt that I wasn’t alone.  I had some answers to issues I was dealing with and I met a lot of new people.

I look forward to the 2 mom’s retreats each year.  It not only gives me a chance to talk about diabetes but also time to relax, be social, and spend time with friends – all who understand what you are going through as T1D moms.

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