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Hi I’m Morgan. I have been a DYS camper since I was seven years old. This summer I will be a counselor for Little Shots and I could not be more excited. I attended Little Shots camp for 3 years and then made my way up to Big Shots for 6 years. Being a camper has taught me a lot of life lessons such as diabetes education, learning how to manage things by yourself, being a leader, friendship and that I am not alone in this battle with diabetes. Diabetes can be a struggle but with the help of knowledgeable DYS staff, I have seen the positive side of it. DYS summer camps are great for all ages. I have done some pretty cool activities throughout my years as a camper.

I began to meet my many close diabetic friends during my first years of Little Shots camp. We would play at the park, make crafts for each other, and swim in the lake for as long as we were allowed. During Little Shots camp, I learned how to do my insulin shots by myself with the help of many nurses and the support from everyone at camp. As I moved up to Big Shots, I got the opportunity to participate in many more fun activities and met more young kids who were just like me. During my first year at Big Shots, I learned how to change my pump site by myself. For the week I spent at Big Shots camp, I got to fish, climb the rock wall, swim in the pool for hours, take a pontoon ride around the lake, play games that involved working with your teammates, and many more adventures that were available during camp. My favorite part about Big Shots camp is the end of the week dance that takes place. You get to spend time with everyone and add to the great time that you already had. The hardest part is leaving everyone until the next year of camp, but you will always have your yearly camp shirt with everyone’s signatures on it to remember your week.

Morgan at camp with her long-time friends

Camp may be the first time that you are away from parents after your diagnosis. Even though it is scary for parents and children, it is reassuring knowing that you will be well taken care of, your diabetes will be managed and you will have a great time. Camp is a great experience and I would encourage any young diabetic to go to it and make so many memories. Another important aspect of diabetes camp is the DYS gala which helps provide support for the activities and supplies at camp. DYS also hosts many fun and educational events for all families outside of camp. It’s a good experience to see other families and type one children in which diabetes effects, and it’s another time to meet up with your camp friends. In every year I have went to camp, I have had a wonderful time and cannot wait to make more memories as a counselor.

If you want to join Morgan, go to our Camp page and find out more about both joining us as a camper or as staff!

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