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When your child is diagnosed with type one diabetes a million things goes through your mind. One of the thought was –  how is my child going to get by each day when they grow up.? Will they be able to cope will the daily routine of type one? That was a question that stuck out in my mind with my son Jack, now 11, who was 6 when he was diagnosed in July 2014.

Throughout that year we got to know people through Diabetes Youth Services and learned about what kind of things they offer for families. One of those things was camp. The following summer we sent Jack to DYS summer camp. I quickly figured out that it was a good opportunity for him to gain friendship with kids his own age and cope with diabetes. As the years have gone on and Jack has experienced Little Shots , Middle Shots camps and will attend Big Shots this summer . He has gained important skills to cope and manage his diabetes. This past spring I sent him to 6th grade camp with his school – without me. I was confident he had the skills to manage on his own with very little assistance. He did great!

I am very happy to say camp will help your child achieve independence. That is why my family and I raise funds each year for camp at Strike Out Diabetes. We want every child to attend camp and have the opportunity to learn lifelong skills to manage their diabetes.

Each May, Jenn and her family host a bowling fundraiser at Interstate Lanes.  They share the proceeds with DYS and JDRF.  They want to help kids with diabetes manage their disease today AND give them hope for a cure tomorrow.  If you are free this Sunday, May 20, join them for a fun afternoon and let them know how much you appreciate the work they do.  Thanks Jenn!  We appreciate your dedication and support. For more information, go to the event Facebook page.

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