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You or your child may have type 1 diabetes, but did you know your purse does too?  We asked a few women in our DYS family to give us a peek into their purse.  Can you relate? How does your purse compare to these?

Lindsay Jordan

The “Super-sized” mom purse!

I am a mom with TWO kids managing type 1 diabetes.  Lyla is 7 and was diagnosed at the age of 6 in September of 2016. Julia is 6 and was diagnosed at the age of 5 in January of 2017. As we all know, many parts of our lives change at diagnosis. One part you might not have realized that has been overtaken – our purses!

As a mom, our purses are full of “everything.” As a mom of two diabetic daughters, my purse has taken on its own identity. Originally, I would shop for a purse that could carry my wallet, cell phone, pack of gum, and a few random pens from different places. Now, I need my purse to come in only one size – SuperSize. Besides the few mom necessities that fit, you will also always find the following in my purse:

  • Glucose Tabs: They are great to grab and hand back to the girls if they have low blood sugar when I am driving. I have also found they are handy to hold a tired, forgot to eat breakfast, mom over until lunch.
  • Used test strips: No need to carry good test strips. No matter how often I clean out my purse, used test strips always seem to find there way in my purse.
  • Protein Bars: These quick 15 gram snacks are great for the “I AM STARVING MUST EAT NOW” attacks that can occur at any moment in the girls. While at the doctors, church, or walking into the grocery store, these protein bars help to offset any and all hunger meltdowns that could occur.
  • Glucagon: With having two T1D daughters, they have a diabetes book bag that comes with us wherever they go. However, we always want to be prepared and not scrambling in an emergency.
  • Quarters: I found myself in a situation on day where we were stuck at an event for longer than planned. They did not have food, but did have a vending machine. I had no cash or quarters. After that incident, I always make sure to carry quarters around so that we can always have access to food – even if its snacks – in any situation.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Its flu and stomach bug season – enough said.

Not just moms have to make room for diabetes in their purses!  Here are a few examples of purses from other women in the DYS family.

Kelly Mann

Kelly has had type 1 diabetes 43 years and spends her days training people on their new Tandem insulin pumps.  Kelly is also a DYS nurse educator. She goes into schools and trains staff about managing diabetes for their students.  In her purse she only carries supplies for herself, but she knows how important it is to always be prepared.  Her cute bag contains:

  • Vial of Novolog
  • Three syringes
  • Meter & strips
  • Infusion set and cartridge



Elena Kirkbride

Diagnosed with type 1 eleven years ago, Elena has been a camper and counselor at Hot Shot Camp for many years.  Now, she is a busy college student.  She makes sure that her purse has everything she needs to care for her diabetes.  She seems to be a minimalist, but quite stylish!

Colleen Julius

Colleen has had type 1 diabetes for 12 years.  She is a diabetes educator and teaches families how to manage diabetes everyday.  She volunteers at Little Shots Camp and helps our youngest campers learn how to manage diabetes for themselves.  She has one bag she carries every day that includes basic supplies.  She also has a travel bag ready with all of the extras she needs when she is away from home.

The everyday bag.

Colleen’s Travel bag