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Fishing at Middle Shots

In June, Dr. Mark Watkins will join us for camp for the 10th time. Usually you will find him hard at work at the EDCC, but at camp you may find him climbing the 50 foot tree! Dr. Watkins knows that he is, technically, working as the medical director and on duty at camp, but he thinks the best part of camp is that is doesn’t feel like work. He enjoys hanging out with the kids, seeing them in such a fun environment, and watching them have a great time. Working with the kids outside of the clinic helps Dr. Watkins develop a rapport with his patients that helps makes him the physician that everyone loves.

Dr. Watkins encourages all of his patients to go to camp. He believes that camp is therapeutic for both child and parent, saying, “It’s a week of no stigma!” Doesn’t everyone need a break once in a while from diabetes? While you can’t really take a break, camp is the next best thing. While the kids are at camp, parents can relax and get a good night’s sleep knowing their kids are well cared for and safe. Kids get a break because for the few days at camp, diabetes doesn’t set them apart. They can just have fun with friends.

Completing the 50 ft tree climb!

In addition to helping us out at camp, Dr. Watkins serves on the DYS board of directors. He strongly believes in DYS. Dr. Watkins also believes the family programs are important. He says, “Diabetes is often a reason why kids don’t certain things. They may not sleep away from home or participate in certain activities. DYS offers great opportunities for both parents and kids to get out and try things they may not otherwise experience.”


Thanks for being our cheerleader Dr. Watkins! Thanks to volunteers like you we can continue to offer the programs and services that you value for your patients. If you are interested in volunteering at camp or in any other capacity, please contact Beth at beth@dys4kids.org or 419-291-1234.