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Thanksgiving isn’t just a challenge for a diabetic: it’s challenging for people who are dieting, those who have celiac disease, vegetarians, those with allergies, and so many more. News flash, Thanksgiving is a holiday that revolves around food. For many people Thanksgiving is considered their “cheat day” where they just over stuff themselves then take a nice long nap afterwards and nobody can judge them for it. With diabetes, it is isn’t as simple as having a “cheat day”. Unfortunately, there are no days off with diabetes. But you can still enjoy Thanksgiving, you just have to have a solid game plan!

Plan Ahead
Know what is going to be on the menu at your Thanksgiving meal and start thinking about what and how much you are going to eat. Nobody on Thanksgiving should overindulge on an extreme amount of unhealthy foods, diabetic or not. To prevent some of this overindulging from taking place, make sure you start your day off with a healthy breakfast. You can eat all those carb filled foods such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie but just be conscience of not overeating.

Check your blood sugar
Check, check, check! Check your blood sugar roughly every two hours after you finish eating and about every hour or so after that. It may help you to have a family member or “buddy” who could just give you a friendly reminder every couple hours to check. This will give you an idea of how your body is responding to the meal you just ate and with a day where you are more lax on your diet, this checking is crucial.

Be positive and have fun
It’s understandable why Thanksgiving can be stressful or overwhelming as a Type 1, but remember Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate what you are thankful for with friends and family…ENJOY IT. Work with what you have in front of you and just be prepared. Fit a walk into your day, make your own diabetic friendly dish to share with everyone, find a buddy to help keep you on track, and don’t skip dessert. Make room in your Thanksgiving diet plan to enjoy one of your favorite desserts, simply just make sure it’s accounted for. For our adult type 1 diabetics just be aware of your alcohol consumption because drinking can cause you to be less responsible and eat a greater amount of food. In the end, Thanksgiving is just another day, just be aware, stick to your game plan, and ENJOY.

If you would like to start planning your Thanksgiving game plan, we would like to help out by sharing our list of top Thanksgiving favorites and their carb amounts. Happy Thanksgiving from us here at DYS 