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Recently we had a young lady choose to have her birthday party guests bring donations to DYS instead of birthday presents. Generosity like this should be celebrated – loudly! That is a hard thing to do. Presents are a typical part of any birthday celebration. All kids love opening the bright paper and seeing what is inside.

Sadly, we are unable to properly acknowledge this gift because of a loss of data in our computer system. It makes me so sad that she may feel as if we did not appreciate her sacrifice and generous gift. We so very much appreciate it. It is even more appreciated because of the circumstances of the gift.

All of our gifts are so vital to our programs. Every gift of every size makes a HUGE difference in our organization. We celebrate each gift. Those are not empty words either. If you pass by our office one day and here us cheering, that is probably a new donation. Our staff is very small, every time we open an envelope with a donation, we cheer – audibly! We are so grateful to all of the donors, supporters, and volunteers to DYS. We would not be here without you. I hope you know that.

To the young lady who celebrated her birthday supporting DYS – “YIPPEE!” We hope you hear it and let us know who you are. As a parent, I know your parents are incredibly proud of you and so are we. I know all the children who participate in our programs appreciate the sacrifice you made for them. Many thanks from all of the kids, families, staff and board from DYS! We hope you had a happy, happy birthday!

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