Type 1 Moms are Special Moms

– by Beth Van Vorhis


Being a mom with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) —my life is not ordinary, easy, or simple. I knew that going into this. What I didn’t know was my child was going to be T1D as well.  I have had T1D since I was 19. In my late 30s, I willingly made the choice to become a single mom with T1D.  I waited and waited for God to find the right baby for me.  He knew my heart.  I asked God to look around and find the child who would be the perfect one for me. Of all the children in the world, God picked Evie for me! She didn’t have diabetes when I first adopted her, we discovered it at age 4. (Now I know God selected the perfect child for me!)

Evie doesn’t think that diabetes is scary. She doesn’t know it’s a disability. We don’t hide the fact that we have it…it’s just who we are and it’s just what we do. Evie is truly my partner in diabetes management and because of that we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders! Teaching her about T1D has been a huge life lesson for both of us in that I want her to believe that no matter what kind of label the world might put on her, she can do anything!

It doesn’t matter she is a girl, a diabetic, it doesn’t matter I am a single mom, a diabetic. WATCH US SOAR!!!

We both may have diabetes—but diabetes will NEVER have us! Diabetes has given me the tools to fight. But being a mother has given me the reason to fight!

There is no mom quite a like a T1D Mom! You know you’re a T1D Mom when…

…you carry around the weight of this disease on your shoulders every day. I mean you have to…who else will?
…you worry every minute of every day—wondering if you are doing this right
… you always have a snack (or two or five) in your purse
… you can count carbs at a single glance
…you feel guilty for stealing a part of your children’s innocence by teaching them about this disease that you wish you could take from them
…you want to vent to an open ear but you don’t think they would understand
…you are concerned about the short term implications of this disease and having to accept the long-term effects that correlate
…you work so hard every day at this disease so that you can see your grandchildren one day

Who needs superheroes when T1D Moms are around?
… faster than a speeding bullet when their child needs sugar because of a low
… more powerful than a locomotive when speaking up for their child’s rights/needs
… able to leap tall buildings in a single bound with joy because their A1C is down
Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Super T1D Mom!
Happy Mother’s Day to moms with T1D, moms of kids with T1D, and moms everywhere!

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