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Children challenged by diabetes during school years need to develop independence, maintain good control and avoid missing valuable learning time. DYS provides services as a resource for education and support for anyone who works with a student who has diabetes. We can provide an on-site educational session for school personnel on basic diabetes care, nutritional concerns and handling emergencies.

Program objective

  • Facilitate communication and cooperation between school personnel, the student and his/her family and the medical team.
  • Educate through clarification of legal parameters, required accommodations and the student’s medical and developmental needs.
  • Consults with schools in their preparation of their individual school plans.


Medical Staff Assistance
With more schools struggling to provide medical staff during school hours, it is unlikely a nurse will be available to assist students with diabetes at school. Non-medical school staff, such as teachers and administrators, end up providing primary supervision for students with diabetes.

Students Need More Care
Most students with diabetes are now on regimens that require supervision through the school day for testing blood sugars, interpreting the results, discerning how much to eat, and how much insulin to take throughout the day. This requires a much higher level of knowledge about diabetes and responsibility for school personnel.

Understanding = Support
Staff at school would feel much more comfortable meeting the needs of a child with diabetes if they knew how to support that child. DYS is here to help!

Getting Started
Call the DYS office at 419.291-1234 to arrange an on-site training session or to get phone consultation.
Click here to access DYS online school resources (forms/documents).