Your cell phone can save your life

More and more of us store personal information on our cell phones.  Personal photos, contact information, credit cards, even airline boarding passes.  We all lock this valuable data with a password or fingerprint.  But how does that help if someone needs information in an emergency?


Does your child or teen simply refuse to wear a medical identification?  They feel uncomfortable having their diabetes on constant display?  The bracelet or tag around the neck is the safest and most recognizable, but is there another option?


A solution for both can be found in the Medical ID.  Essential medical and contact information can be accessed by emergency personnel even when your phone is locked.  This is true for both the iPhone and the Android. It is easy, just follow the simple instructions in this article.


This isn’t just for someone with diabetes – everyone should set this up.  It only takes a few minutes and could save your life.


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