Do you miss camp?

-by Beth Ruf

Hot Shot Camp holds a special place in the heart of many former campers.  I only spent a short time at camp, but I came to understand that there is an important bond that campers and counselors have, that us mere outsiders could never understand.  The bonds made between campers, counselors and staff is very special.  I can only imagine that all of the alumni miss that!

After I got home, I started thinking…why does this have to end after you finish college and are no longer a counselor.  You have “grown up” jobs and responsibilities, but you still could use the camaraderie and support from fellow campers.  Does it really have to be over?  No it doesn’t.

DYS has created a Camper Alumni Network to bring you all together.  There is a Facebook Group, called DYS Camp Alumni, in which we will share camp stories, photos, and reconnect with old friends.  But why stop there?  Let’s see where this takes us.  We can meet up for drinks or dinner, go to a baseball game or volunteer together.  There are all kinds of things that we can do to keep you connected to the camp that meant so much to you.  It doesn’t have to be over!

If you are an alumni of camp, please join the Facebook Group and stay in touch with us or check out the Alumni Page on the website.  Please share the links with all of your fellow campers and counselors.  We don’t want to miss anyone!
If you have an idea about how we can make the Alumni Network work best, please let me know.  Facebook message or email me at

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