DYS Hot Shot Camps:


Hot Shots Camp is like any other summer camp in North West Ohio. Your child will learn practical strategies for managing his/her Type 1 diabetes with education from trained medical staff while having a blast enjoying all the fun activities and events camp has to offer. DYS has designed age-specific camp programs for children living with Type 1 diabetes. Every child with diabetes has felt alone at some point, but camp is a unique place where they know that they are never alone. At camp, kids get to spend time with other kids who are growing up facing the same challenges they themselves are facing while managing Type 1 diabetes. It is important for children with diabetes to make peer and mentor connections to help support them in managing their diabetes. Camp provides comprehensive learning experiences in a recreational setting. All activities are designed to promote confidence and teach techniques for managing diabetes while having fun at the same time! DYS has a long history of campers making friends for a lifetime who they can truly relate to. Our campers become counselors and our counselors become nurses and volunteers. At camp we take every opportunity to encourage the kids to try new ways to manage their diabetes such as new pump site or testing their blood sugar more frequently. Our campers not only try new firsts with their diabetes, but have gotten to experience a wide variety of firsts such as first time away from home, their first time climbing an alpine tower, or their first time fishing with live bait. Hot Shots camp is a safe place for kids to try new things and grow not only in their Diabetes, but in their confidence in themselves as a person.

We understand that DYS has a wide service area.  If you live too far away from Day Camp to drive in everyday, Ronald McDonald House can accommodate you.  They do not take reservations, but will take your information and your needs for camp.  You can get confirmation prior to arrival.  If rooms are not available or if you do not require overnight accommodations, you can use the facility as a day guest.  Day guests can have their meals, relax in the house and siblings can use the playground. For more information, download the information and referral forms. You can return referrals to referrals@rmhctoledo.org. If you have any questions about the procedure, please call the house at 419-471-4663. 

We want every child with diabetes to experience camp.  Let us help you!  If registration, travel, or fees are a burden, please call us.  We may be able to help your child attend camp.

Register for 2018 Hot Shots Camp – we have simplified the initial registration.  All medical and diabetes related information will be collected later.  This is just an initial registration form.


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Big Shots Residential Camp is designed for campers entering grades 7-12 (under the age of 18). This camp is a week-long resident camp held at Recreation Unlimited, Ashley, OH

Middle Shots Overnight Camp is designed for campers entering grades 4-6. This camp is two nights at Recreation Unlimited, Ashley, OH. Parents of kids in 7th grade have a choice whether they want their kid to attend Middle Shots or Big Shots.

Little Shots Day Camp is designed for campers entering grades K-3. This camp is a week-long day camp held at Olander Park in Sylvania, Ohio. Parents of kids in 4th grade have a choice whether they want their kid to attend Middle Shots or Little Shots.


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