Diabetes UPS and DOWNS: Taking T1D to the Amusement Park

– by Beth Ruf Summer is here!  It is time to start planning your next fun family outing, that may include an amusement park.  Every amusement park has different accommodations for people with disabilities.

Type 1 Moms are Special Moms

– by Beth Van Vorhis   Being a mom with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) —my life is not ordinary, easy, or simple. I knew that going into this. What I didn’t know was my child was going to be T1D as well.  I have had T1D since I was 19.

Have diabetes, will travel. Really?

– Beth Ruf, in consultation with Lisa Richards, NP Winter! It has been a long one!  We all look out the window at the gloomy weather and daydream about a trip somewhere warmer, somewhere sunnier, somewhere NOT HERE!  As summer vacations are comi