Type 1 Moms are Special Moms

– by Beth Van Vorhis   Being a mom with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) —my life is not ordinary, easy, or simple. I knew that going into this. What I didn’t know was my child was going to be T1D as well.  I have had T1D since I was 19.

Have diabetes, will travel. Really?

– Beth Ruf, in consultation with Lisa Richards, NP Winter! It has been a long one!  We all look out the window at the gloomy weather and daydream about a trip somewhere warmer, somewhere sunnier, somewhere NOT HERE!  As summer vacations are comi

Why DYS? Ask Kathie Johnson.

– by Beth Ruf Kathie Johnson met DYS through a support group meeting in 1995.  At that time, her son, Brian, was 3 years old and had been diagnosed for a year.  She made great friends through that group and they became their second family.