Anatomy of a Great Easter Basket

– Beth Ruf, Executive Director


Every year I take great care to fill my child’s Easter basket with great goodies. I may be a party pooper, but I have never filled it with a lot of candy. Type 1 or not, logic says don’t give kids a basket full of sugar to binge on right before they are expected to behave in church or at grandma’s!

A basket without candy needs to be a little creative. Make the basket reflect the child’s personality. I often will put several inexpensive gifts in the basket such as nail polish, a small Lego set, hair ties, art supplies or Matchbox cars. As my children got older, I put in things like a new water bottle for a sport or items for a hobby. I also always put in a good book!

Making the basket special can also be in the hunt!  Don’t just hide the eggs, hide the basket too. Get creative. We have hidden baskets in closets, the oven, in shower stalls and even inside the chimney! My older kids really get into looking for that basket. It is more about the challenge of the hunt, that it is what is inside.  No matter what is in the basket, having to hunt for it will make it more exciting.

You can’t leave out all the candy.  Every kid thinks of jellybeans and chocolate bunnies when they see an Easter basket. To make Easter morning a little easier, check out our Easter Candy Carb Guide.  Personally, I have a hard time resisting the Starburst jellybeans!

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